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What are arts and humanities?
Ever wondered what arts and humanities are, and why studying them is important?

Choosing an art course
Want to study art after you leave school, but unsure about which course is right for you? Read our guide to put yourself in the picture.

Choosing a design course
Design is a large and growing industry. Find out how you can get involved.

Art school explained
What is art school, and how is it different from university? Find out with this simple guide.

Studying a classics degree
Are you fascinated by the Ancient world, and how much influence it still has on our lives today? Do you love the idea of uncovering the deeply hidden past with the evidence that still remains? Then a classics degree may be for you.

Studying an English degree
If you’re thinking of studying English at university, reading up on your options first is as important as reading great authors.

Studying a music degree
Want to study music at university? Read on to find out which course will hit the right notes.

Studying a performing arts course
Getting a job in the performing arts can be a drama in itself. Read on for our guide to choosing the right course to get you there.

Studying a philosophy degree
If you’re interested in the meaning of life, whether to study philosophy as a bachelor's degree is just one of the big questions you’ll have to consider.

Studying a religious studies degree
Religious studies isn’t just about the next life: it will give you plenty of skills for this one as well.

Reading poetry
Do you think that studying poetry is difficult or boring? Read on as University of St. Andrews student Aisha Farr explains why it really isn't!

Experimental archaeology
How did Bronze Age soldiers fight? How did they build their houses? Experimental archaeology has the answers!