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Career profile: Auditor

auditorAn auditor is a type of accountant. They are responsible for checking that business accounts have been properly prepared and meet legal requirements.

A what?

Auditors prepare independent reports, which show whether financial statements have been produced in accordance with the law. The report must say if a company’s account gives a fair view of its financial affairs.

On the job

Auditors check the accounts and accounting records of a company. This allows them to prepare a report which will say if the company’s annual accounts have been properly prepared in accordance with the legal requirements.

An internal auditor will examine an organisation’s policies with a view to advising on how it could improve efficiency. An external auditor will give an independent correct and thorough appraisal of an organisation’s financial records and statements to ensure that shareholders are not being misled.

How do I get there?

Auditors are chartered accountants so the requirements are the same as those of accountants. If you have three GCSEs at grade C or above, including maths and English and two A-levels, you can begin as an accountant technician, but a degree is always helpful. You will also need to pass the professional accountancy exams.

Future prospects

Training takes a minimum of three years with an organisation that provides authorised training. You will need to complete 450 days of technical work experience and pass 11 exams. Your employer will normally pay for your training as well as provide a salary.

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