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What skills do I need to become a manager?

What skills do I need to become a manager?Setting your sights on management level is a good way to ensure your career develops. Find out what skills you'll need to get to prove you're management material.

What is a manager?

A manager or supervisor is someone who oversees a project and/or one or more members of staff. They are responsible for getting the job done and motivating people, whilst overcoming issues such as limited resources and time.

Why become a manager?

Being a manager or supervisor means more responsibility and work. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a manager, you should look for a role in a field or industry that interests you.
Most people aim for management level in order to further their careers and earn more money.

What skills do you need to become a manager?

Good organisation

The manager is responsible for organising their department, implementing processes and guides and outlining what needs doing.

Good time management

Managers are often expected to complete work to deadlines. They must therefore manage the time of their teams and themselves and prioritise work so that projects are completed to deadline.

Interpersonal and relationship-building skills

Managers work closely with people in their team, assigning them work and ensuring they get appropriate training to do their jobs. As well as keeping staff motivated, they are also responsible for hiring and firing them. In order to do all of this, managers must be approachable, compassionate, diplomatic and have good communication skills to listen to and reward their staff.


Sometimes it’s tempting to do a job yourself because it’s quicker than explaining it to someone else. However, managers should learn to delegate work where necessary to share responsibility and accountability.

Forward-planning and strategy

The manager puts the strategy in place to achieve the team’s vision and missions. To do this they must be able to plan ahead and look at the bigger picture.

Managers are the main line of contact between the frontline staff, senior management and clients. They are responsible for keeping everybody informed.


Managers may encounter problems in their work. They have to be able to think on their feet and solve problems as soon as they happen. To do this they will need to be experts in their field and be able to remain calm and focused while they come up with solutions.

Administrative and financial skills

Managers will usually be expected to set budgets, manage them and carry out other admin such as writing reports. For this, they will need good numeracy, literacy and computer literacy skills.


Being a leader involves persuading others to follow the direction you want to go in. As such managers lead by example, have reasonable expectations of their staff and are excellent persuaders.

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