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What skills do I need to make it in finance?

What skills do I need to make it in finance?So, you may know that you need to be analytical and academic but what personal skills will give you the edge if you’re to be successful in finance? We ask some of the key questions below.

Can you communicate?

Being able to talk to people at all different levels is crucial for a successful career in finance. You need to be confident in talking with people with more experience, so not too proud to ask questions, as well as being good at explaining subjects to people with less knowledge, so you should be able to break information down in a logical way.

Can you negotiate?

Okay, it’s a form of communication but it is also a skill in its own right. Think back to any debates you’ve had. Can you argue your point without losing your temper or backing down too easily? Have you been able to listen and take on other people’s points? Good negotiating is not simply about getting your way, it is sometimes about compromise. A successful meeting ends in better business relationships and satisfactory solutions.

How do you handle pressure?

Do you hit coursework deadlines? Do you think you perform well on exam days? Nobody is immune to stress, but being able to perform under pressure, and even turning these situations into something positive is a great skill in any job, but especially if you are going to climb the finance career ladder.

Are you motivated?

You might be all of the above, but to really make it in banking and finance you also need to be ambitious and prepared to work long hours in a fast-paced environment. The good news is that you should be paid well for the effort!

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