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What can I do with a geography degree?
In 2010, geographers were one of the least likely groups of graduates to be without a job. Find out why.

Environmental careers
Want to save the world? Here are a few careers that can help the planet.

Working for the Met Office
The Met Office was one of the Times’ 100 top graduate employers in 2009. Find out more about working for them. What is the Met Office? The Met Office...

Working for Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey is one of the world’s biggest mapping companies and is Great Britain’s national mapping agency. Find out about working for them here.

Working in environmental enforcement
Find out how environmental enforcement officers help to make sure that people are following environmental laws.

Working in gardening
Got green fingers? Find out how they could sow the seeds of a blossoming career.

Working in renewable energy
Renewable energy is one of the biggest green industries. Find out how you can get involved.

Working in transport management
Whether it's by road, rail, air or sea, a transport network is a difficult thing to run. Find out how you can keep things moving.

My Job Explained: Environmental consultant
Shelley McIvor is a sustainability consultant who has worked with big businesses, small organizations and even the Ministry of Defence.

My job explained: Warden
Can you feel the call of the wild? Working in conservation means you can spend your days in the great outdoors preserving its beauty for everyone. Read...

Career profile: Agricultural technician
Hate the thought of working in an office but want a good job? Agricultural technicians spend most of their time working outside in a wide-range of environments....

Career profile: Chartered surveyor
Survey the wide range of careers available in this exciting profession.

Career profile: Environmental scientist
Get the lowdown on what the job involves, what qualifications you need and how long it takes to train. A what? Environmental scientists look at the way...

Career profile: Environmental health practitioner
Environmental health practitioners tackle a huge range of environmental issues to keep people healthy and safe.

Career profile: Disaster Management
When disasters like earthquakes or floods happen, disaster managers use their expertise to minimize the impact on the people affected.

Career profile: Meteorologist
Meteorologists study the Earth's atmosphere to understand and predict climate and weather.

Career profile: Town Planner
When hundreds of thousands of people live in a city, someone has to work out where to put everything. That’s the job of town planners.

Environmental volunteering
Find out about some of the opportunities available for volunteers who want to help the environment.

Getting into business with geography
Businesses around the world recognize how useful geographers can be. Find out how your geography skills can help make money.

What is environmental consultancy?
Businesses scramble to keep up with the latest trends, and consultants help them to do this. With current fears about climate change and global warming,...

Career profile: Quantity surveyor
Quantity surveyors manage the costs of building projects, from planning to completion.