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Getting into business with geography

Money treeBusinesses around the world recognize how useful geographers can be. Find out how your geography skills can help make money.

A big brand like Starbucks or McDonalds can open a new shop almost anywhere and expect people to come through the doors - but picking exactly the right location can mean much bigger profits. For a smaller business, knowing where to set up could make the difference between staying open and shutting down.

But how do you work out where to open up? Geographers can help. By understanding things like how people travel, geographers can identify which locations will attract the most customers - and that can mean big money in business.

In the same way, geographers can help to work out the best countries to expand into, or help to predict how changes in the economy that might affect a business’s future.

Geographers are also vital for businesses that are trying to become more environmentally friendly - so even if you’re more motivated by saving the planet than making money, there might be a place for you in the world of business.

All this is backed up by some of the skills you’ll pick up on a geography course, such as data analysis and IT.

Business geography courses

If you already know you’re interested in the business side of geography, you can take a course that combines the two. Many universities offer degrees such as “Geography with Business Management” which will give you valuable business skills alongside your geography course.

Even a more conventional geography course will allow you to specialise in the areas that are most useful in business, such as economic geography. Looking for work experience with a business can be a good way to fill in any gaps in your business skills.

Some examples of geography courses that include business are:

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