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Studying Geography
Thinking about studying geography but not sure what it will involve? Get some information here. Degree courses Degree courses are different depending...

Studying geology
Geologists know how the world works inside and out. Find out where geology could take you.

Environmental studies explained
If you’re worried about the state of the planet, an environmental degree can give you the skills you need to make a difference.

Postgraduate geography
Think you want to carry on studying geography after your degree? Find out your options.

Studying town planning
The right degree could see you designing the cities of the future. Find out more about town planning courses.

Five unusual geography courses
Most universities offer plain geography degrees, but there are more unusual courses on offer, from exploring oceans to dealing with volcanoes.

Environmental apprenticeships
Lots of apprenticeships have an environmental element. Find out about three of the most relevant for those looking for a green career.

Studying an agriculture degree
Farming combines big business with hard science to feed us all. Find out how an agriculture degree can get you into this vital industry.

Geography: BA or BSc?
Geography is one of the few subjects often offered as both a BA and a BSc - so what's the difference?