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Career profile: Foreign rights co-ordinator

foreign rights globeInterested in getting books published and like the idea of working in an international environment? Read on to see if you have the skills you need to make it as a foreign rights coordinator.

A what?

Publishers working in foreign rights are responsible for arranging sales of their books abroad. They often work closely with the sales team. As well as arranging fees for copyright they are also responsible for talking to publishers in other countries to make sure they have printed the right books in the right languages.

On the job

A foreign rights coordinator is mainly office-based, working on the accounts that the sales team have set up. Usually one assistant will be responsible for a certain area e.g. Asia or Europe. It is not normally necessary to have foreign language skills, but it can help when dealing with a difficult customer!

As well as coordinating between the customer and the production team to make sure the foreign books get printed, the foreign rights coordinator is responsible for collecting fees when extracts of the books are used abroad.

Qualifications and salary

Although some universities offer specific degrees in publishing, most companies do not require that you have a relevant degree. Generally you will have to have achieved a 2:1 in any degree, usually an arts subject. If you want to work for a specialist publishing company, such as a company working on academic science publications, then it will help to have a relevant science degree.

It will also help if you have some relevant experience, so a couple of weeks’ work experience during the university holidays could stand you in good stead for the future.

The average starting salary for a foreign rights assistant is around £18,000 in a London-based company, and £12 - £15,000 for those outside of London.

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