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Media and business

Businesses need to talk to each other as well as their customers, and need people with the media skills to get the right message across. Read on to find out more.

Companies want all sorts of media products, such as training videos for their staff, promotional brochures about their services, or articles in specialist trade magazines, and will want them to look as professional as anything you’d normally see on the TV screen or news-stand.

The world of corporate production and business media is often overlooked by people who think that media just means the films, magazines and websites available to the general public, but it’s a thriving sector with opportunities in the following areas:

  • Corporate production

Corporate production companies create video and other multimedia content for businesses. These might be promotional videos for the company website or conferences, online training courses for their staff, or films of company events.

They will employ professional directors, producers, cameramen, sound engineers and website designers and programmers amongst others.

  • Business to business publishing

Business to business – sometimes called B2B – publishing companies help businesses produce written and online content advertising their services to other businesses. These might be descriptions of their products on a website or in press releases, and they might also write yearly reports or manuals for the business’ staff.

Copywriters, graphic designers, web editors and marketing officers are some of the people who could follow a career in B2B publishing. Many B2B publishers specialise in a certain sector – such as accountancy or technology – so you could need some specialist knowledge as well as good writing, editing and design skills.

  • Trade publications

Unlike corporate productions or B2B publications, trade publications aren’t produced for one company. Instead, they are magazines and websites that cover news and jobs for people working in a specific industry. There are hundreds of different trade publications in the UK, covering everything from farming to finance, tattoo artists to tree surgeons.

Journalists, sub-editors, designers and photographers will be doing many of the same things they would on a customer publication, but will also need specialist knowledge of the sector. Trade publications also need media sales staff to sell advertising space.

How do I get into the sector?

Since you’re normally working with clients to produce exactly the content they need for a very specific audience, or are covering one industry in great detail, this sector can seem a little less creative than some other media jobs. However, your career could also be more stable and you could earn just as much if not more. This is because most companies that make media content for businesses generally employ more full-time staff than freelancers, so it can be easier to get a full-time position with more guaranteed work once you’re in.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard to get there though. You can study a degree or other qualification in a subject like English, business studies or media production depending on the role you want, but just like other media jobs it will be a portfolio of relevant work and contacts rather than a certain course that will get you through the door. You can build these up by getting some work experience, either with a corporate production company or B2B publisher, or maybe doing another job in the industry a trade publication covers.

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