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Advertising vs. Marketing
Surely advertising is marketing, right? Wrong.

What makes a good brand campaign?
Successful brands don’t just sell a product, they sell an identity too. Read on as Tom Lovegrove from RPM reveals how to get into your customers’ imaginations as well as their wallets.

Famous media bloopers
One of the downsides of working in the media is that large audiences will notice when you mess up.

Media and the law: Contempt of court
Believe it or not, there are strict restrictions on how journalists go about finding stories, particularly when court reporting.

Media and the law: Defamation
Journalists have to be particularly careful what they write and say.

What is experiential marketing?
When commuters on the London Underground were confronted by a group of Cybermen one November morning, it wasn’t an alien invasion, but all part of an ‘experiential marketing’ campaign

What is experiential marketing?: continued
The advantages and disadvantages of experiential marketing.

How to write a press release
Having a great story is no use if no-one gets to hear it, but getting a journalist’s attention isn’t easy.