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Advertising vs. Marketing

Advertising vs. MarketingSurely advertising is marketing, right? Wrong. Check out the article below to find out more about the differences between the two types of work.


Advertising is a single, targeted message which aims to sell a particular product. It is a space or a time slot that is paid for and taken over by a sponsor: a TV advert, a magazine page, the top of a website, or even the side of a building. Advertising as an industry is made up of the people who make these adverts as well as those who buy and sell the space where the adverts end up.

Advertising jobs include:

  • Copywriters: write the text for the ads
  • Visual or creative directors: decide what the advert will look like
  • Media planners: choose where to place the ads e.g. in women’s magazines, on tube trains, etc.
  • Media buyers: try to get the best deals when buying advertising space


Marketing is an organised effort to sell certain products or services. Marketing as an industry encompasses advertising, but it is really a mix of business activities which are designed to maximise the impact and sales of a product or company. In other words: advertising is one of the tools that marketing executives use to get their message across, but they have many other tools as well.

Marketing executives will oversee a number of different projects, which together make up the overall marketing ‘strategy’. These can include:

  • Advertising
  • Market research
  • Customer support
  • Sales strategy
  • Public relations
  • Product pricing
  • Sponsorship and affiliation

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