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What can I do with a language degree?
So you think you have to move abroad to find a career in languages? Think again! A language degree can open doors to a range of careers right on your doorstep.

Working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
A career with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office could take you to the heart of government – and across the world.

My job explained: Editor
Communication is key to Rachel’s job as an editor for modern languages courses.

My job explained: Travel consultant
Looking for the holiday of a lifetime? Then Rosie Samuel is the woman to ask.

Career profile: Interpreter
Would a career as an interpreter make sense for you?

Career profile: Translator
Find the right career finding the right words as a translator.

EU traineeships
An EU traineeship could be the first step towards working for the European Union.

Modern languages and NGO work abroad
A good way with languages can be as important as a good heart if you want to make a difference in the world.

Teaching modern languages
Find out how to use your modern language degree to open the minds of others – and an exciting career for yourself.

What are the best languages for business?
Find out how a way with languages could make you a big deal in the business world.