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Your rights to be heard at school

Your rights to be heard at schoolAs students you have the right to speak out about your education and how your school is run.

As a student you have a right to be involved in:

  • Developing your school’s anti-bullying rules.
  • Discussing school uniform rules.
  • If you have special needs, your parents, school and local council must listen to your views and take them seriously when making decisions about your education.
  • Sharing how you are coping at school and if you are getting enough support.
  • If you have a statement of special educational needs, you have the right to discuss what goes in this.
  • Being excluded from school. Before a school can exclude a student, they must let them give their point of view and later attend an exclusion hearing.
  • How your school is run. You can influence this by becoming an associate member of the school’s governing board.
  • To ask to see your school record, no matter what age.

School searches

  • The school is allowed to search your locker without your consent. However, they are not allowed to search your personal property, for example your school bag or pockets, without your consent, unless they suspect your have a knife or other weapon.
  • The person searching must be of the same sex as you and they can only ask you to remove your outer clothing (jacket, jumper etc).
  • Two members of staff must be present if they carry out a search on your belongings.

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