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My job explained: Astrophysicist
Astrophysicist Catherine Heymans uses NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope to try and understand the many mysteries of the universe. Read on to find...

My job explained: Auditor
Susan McGowan describes how a degree in physics led her to a career in accountancy and explains why science is such a great stepping stone to a range of jobs.

My job explained: Civil servant
Paul Allen studied astrophysics and now works at the Home Office in the Police and Crime Standards Directorate as a researcher. This involves providing...

My job explained: Geophysicist
Julian Scott is a geophysicist working for the British Antarctic Survey where he uses techniques like radar to monitor the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. Here he tells us about working in one of the most remote parts of the planet.

My job explained: Home Office scientist
Sara, who works for the scientific department of the Home Office, describes how she enjoys using her skills and knowledge in an organisation whose aim...

My job explained: Investor relations manager
Marcia Jones works in finance as an investor relations manager. She explains why the finance industry likes to employ science graduates. What is an Investor...

My job explained: Medical devices consultant
Want to make a difference with your life? Alan Kent explains how a physics degree can help you save lives by working in the field of medical devices....

My job explained: Medical physicist
Want to use your physics degree for good? Nuclear Medicine Physicist Daniel McGowan explains how. What’s your job? I’m a trainee medical physicist...

My job explained: Outreach officer
Alex is the Outreach Officer for the Institute of Physics, and editor of She explains her interest in physics, and why science communication is so important.

My job explained: Physics professor
Dr. Paul Strange, Professor of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent, explains why modern discoveries in physics will be remembered long after popular...

My job explained: Physics research scientist
Laurie Winkless is a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory. She explains how, without physics, we would be without many beloved gadgets....

My job explained: Project manager
Vivienne Lyons describes her role at the Home Office where she manages the scientists who work on evidence analysis and terrorist threats.

My job explained: Rolls Royce controls engineer
Oliver Nailard was inspired to study physics by space exploration, now his work on new environmentally friendly engines could have an impact on saving...

My job explained: Scientific publisher
Alan Singleton is the managing director of Professional Engineering Publishing. He explains why physics is a great way to start a career in publishing.

Career profile: Airline pilot
There are loads of exciting and unexpected jobs available to physics graduates. An airline pilot is just one of them.

Career profile: Astronomer
Got your head in the clouds? Why not go even further and reach for the moon? Find out about the scientists who make a living out of star gazing. A what?...

Career profile: Geophysicist
Want to help prevent natural disasters from destroying too many lives? Find out about the scientists who predict and monitor earthquakes.

Fill your physics toolbox
There's lots to get excited about in physics - but you need the right tools to get anywhere. Try these tips to get you started.