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A-level maths revision guide

A-level maths revision guideThese revision guides provide different ways to help you learn your subject and lots of test questions to practice on, giving you the edge on exam day.

All the information you need is laid out in a clear way. S-cool covers all the main subjects that may come up in your exams from trigonometry to differentiation. There is also an area on statistics which explains how to present data and calculate probability.

Maths Revision World
Come here for clear notes and diagrams on topics covered in calculus, trigonometry and geometry. This site is particularly useful for sample exam papers and marking schemes so you can give yourself lots of exam practice and will have a clearer idea about how your paper will be marked.

Maths Bank
A site full of questions set by teachers and step by step solutions. If you are stuck on a subject you can ask the experts. There is also advice on how to structure your revision and gain exam skills.

SAM learning
Come here to practice on exam style questions and to pick up key revision pointers. There are free sample tests you can try but to use the site often you need to subscribe – some secondary schools have subscribed to this site so ask your teacher about it.

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