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Online maths games

Online maths gamesMaths is the basis for all sorts of games. These online examples will do more than just test your adding up.

Basic skills

Want to brush up on your mental arithmetic? These games can give you the practice you need.

  • The Global Maths Test lets you practice all your basic maths skills while finding out how you measure up to the rest of the country - and the world.
  • The Multiplication Game: A simple four-in-a-row game with a maths twist. Can you stay sharp enough to beat the computer?
  • Who Wants To Be A Mathonaire? gives you the chance to win a sadly imaginary £1,000,000 by answering a variety of maths questions.

Other maths

Maths isn't just arithmetic. These games work your other maths skills.

  • Slice Geom challenges you to divide up a geometric shape evenly with a certain number of lines. Harder than it sounds!
  • Ancient Greek Geometry tests your ability to construct shapes using a compass and a straight edge
  • Manufactoria puts you in charge of building machines to test robots. The puzzles start simple, but before long you'll be solving tough logical challenges, and maybe even reading up on how binary works.
  • FlyTangle asks you to untangle a swarm of flies joined up by lines. It's based on an area of maths called graph theory.

Mathematical toys

These aren't games that you can win or lose, but they are easy ways to play around with mathematical ideas.

Conway's Game of Life

This classic maths toy uses simple rules to create complex 'life'. It takes place on a grid of squares, which can be either 'alive' (black) or 'dead' (white). The rules are:

  1. If a dead square has three live ones touching it, it comes to life.
  2. If a live square has one or no live ones touching it, it dies.
  3. If a live square has four or more live ones touching it, it dies.

Sounds simple - but the results are so complex that enthusiasts have even managed to build a working computer inside the game. As well as just playing around with what these simple rules can create, try these challenges:

  • How many shapes can you make that don't move at all when you run the game?
  • Can you make a shape that stays in the same place but 'animates'?
  • Can you make a shape that moves itself across the board?

These can be tough - take a look at some examples if you're struggling.

Fractal generator

A fractal is a special kind of pattern which, in a way, goes on forever. However much you 'zoom in' on one part of a fractal, you find that it looks just as complex as the whole thing.

You can get a better idea of how fractals work by starting to draw a simple one like the Koch snowflake - you'll soon find out that doing it by hand takes a long time! You can generate more complicated fractals and see what patterns you find by zooming into them with this online fractal tool.