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Studying anthropology
Want to know where humans came from, where we are now and where we might be going? Then anthropology could be the perfect subject for you.

Studying economics
If money makes the world go round, studying economics could take you to some exciting places.

Studying politics
From who rules the nation to who sleeps on the streets, politics affects every aspect of modern life, and studying the subject will help you understand why.

Studying psychology
If you want to understand how the mind works, you’ll need a good brain of your own to study psychology.

Studying sociology
The subject for people watchers – sociology is probably the most ‘social’ science of all.

Getting into social work
Want to be a social worker? Find out how to get there.

Funding for social work
If you’re studying for a career in social work, you could qualify for extra funding.

A-level psychology revision guide
Want help revising? Would you like to test your knowledge before the exams? Here are the top online resources to help you pass A-level psychology in style....

Studying social policy
Want to solve social problems like poverty or crime? A social policy degree can help you work out how to do it.

Studying criminology
Get inside the criminal mind with a criminology degree.

What are social sciences?
Ever wondered what social sciences are, and why studying them is important?

Studying communication studies
Looking at how information and symbols work in the world, communication studies is a subject with real meaning.