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Exam re-marking explained

Exam re-marking explainedGot a bad result you don't think you deserve? Don't despair - it's possible to get your results checked.

GCSEs and A-levels

How can I get my exam re-marked?

Normally, you'll need to apply through your school or college, so if you think your mark is wrong then you should talk to your teacher about it.

How does re-marking work?

There are three different kinds of re-marking:

  1. A basic check that none of your answers have been missed.
  2. A full review of the marks you have been given.
  3. A review of any changes made by the exam board to coursework that was marked by your school or college.

Which of these you need will depend on your situation. Your school or college should know which is most appropriate.

Will I have to pay?

There is a fee for checking marks, but your school or college might pay this for you. Whoever pays, the fee will be repaid if your grade is changed.

There's also no fee if the marks for a whole class have to be checked.

What's the deadline?

The exact deadline changes, but is usually about a month after results day. However, if the re-mark could affect whether or not you make your university offer, you will need to apply straight away. There is a priority service in this situation, so the process will be quicker, but your university doesn't have to keep your place open for you so you should let them know

Can my mark go down?

Marks can go down as well as up, which is why your school or college can't ask for your exam to be re-marked without asking you first. However, if a whole class's results have to be checked, the marks can only go up.

What if I'm still not happy?

If you're still not happy when you get the re-marked result, you have two weeks to appeal.

At university

Universities run their own exams, so the procedure for re-marks and appeals will depend on where you are studying. You should be able to find details on the university's website, or from a member of the pastoral staff. Your student union should also be able to help you with the appeal process.