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5 great energising study ideas

energisingstudy.jpgIf you're trying to study, then you need to feel clear-headed. Here are five quick and easy ways to stay energetic and alert.

Sleep well

It sounds boring, but getting enough sleep makes a big difference to how alert you are during the day. Try to get about eight hours each night. If you struggle to fall asleep, make sure you do something relaxing for an hour before going to bed, like having bath or listening to music. Studying, exciting computer games or TV shows might keep you awake, so try to keep these activities to the early evening.

Eat breakfast

When it comes to keeping energetic, then breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Try eating a bowl of healthy cereal or brown toast that will keep you going in the morning. If you skip breakfast, then you can end up feeling too hungry to concentrate and then over-eat at lunch-time (leaving you sleepy) or you might be tempted to snack on fatty fast-foods, which may give you a short-term boost but will leave you feeling worse later on.

Drink lots of water

Being dehydrated can give you a headache and leave you feeling tired, which in turn can effect your concentration. Keep your brain feeling clean and clear by drinking lots of water. This doesn’t mean paying for bottle of expensive spring water – the stuff out of the tap does the job just as well.

Get moving

It’s easy for whole days to pass without much exercise. It’s tempting to relax in front of the TV when you get home in the evenings, but doing something active will actually give you more energy, help you sleep better and make you feel and look healthier. Try joining a sports team, finding an exercise class you like the look of, or even just fitting in a brisk walk everyday. It will help clear your mind, making you ready to take in all the information you’re trying to learn.

Avoid the sweet stuff

Chocolate, fizzy drinks and sweets are a tempting option when you want to boost your energy. Unfortunately it only gives you a short term rush, and can leave you feeling grumpy and tired later on. If you eat three proper meals in the day, then you shouldn’t feel the need for a sugary snack.

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