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How much do teachers earn?

How much do teachers earn?Many people go into teaching out of passion - but it’s still good to know how much you’ll earn and where your career could take you.

All the information in this article is for teaching in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different systems.

Starting pay

The starting pay for a qualified teacher outside London is £21,588. If you’re working in a school while you train, you can earn from £15,817 to–£25,016 while you are training.

Bonus bursaries

Trainee teachers for in-demand subjects can also get an extra bursary, with the amount depending on the subject and the result of your degree. For physics, maths, chemistry and modern languages this could be up to £20,000, while for some other subjects it could be up to £9,000.

Moving up: leadership or advanced skills

For the first six years, teachers receive a pay increase each year.

After this, pay increases are based on performance and can go up to £36,756 outside London. After that, there are two possibilities for progression: moving into leadership or becoming an “advanced skills teacher.”

Advanced skills teachers are experienced teachers who stay in the classroom, but are also given time to help other teachers to improve. Pay starts at £37,461 and can go up to £56,950 outside London.

If you go into leadership - being a head teacher or deputy head - pay starts at £37,461 and goes up to £105,097 outside London.

A little extra: TLRs and SENs

Teachers can also get extra pay for taking on extra responsibilities.

Teaching and learning responsibility payments cover a wide range of extra responsibilities and come in two levels. The basic level (level 2) is worth between £2,535 and £6,197 per year. The higher level (level 1) is given to teachers who qualify for level 2 and also manage a number of other members of staff. It starts at £7,323 and goes up to £12,393.

Special educational needs allowances are additional money paid to teachers who spend a lot of their time working with children who have special educational needs. They start at £2,001 per year and go up to £3,954.

Extra capital: teaching in London

Pay for teachers is higher if you’re in or near London, to cover the higher cost of things like rent. The TDA website can tell you more about how the pay changes and which areas fall into which zones.

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