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What is open source?
From web browsers to robots, open source software is everywhere. But what exactly is it? When a piece of software is written, its source code has to be...

Case study: IT consulting and the Royal Mail
IT consultants can help businesses in many ways. The Royal Mail hired an IT consulting firm to help it save money: over £250 million to be precise....

Tech Success Stories: Google
It’s one of the most successful companies in the world and has made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary. What made Google so successful? Google’s...

Great inventions: The PC
Computers were invented around 1940, but who made it possible for us to have computers in our office, home and even our pocket? Steve Wozniak started...

Tech Success Stories: the iPhone
Apple’s iPhone has sold more than 50 million units and changed what we expect from mobile phones. Take a look at the technology that made it possible...

Tech success stories: Blu-Ray
Find out how the "DVD war" led to Blu-Ray discs being used for HD films. When high-definition discs first went on sale in 2006, there were two options...

Where did the internet come from?
It’s changed the world, but how was the internet created? Find out here. The internet began life in 1969, when scientists working for the US Advanced...

Getting started with programming
Interested in learning to program computers but don’t know where to start? Read on for some tips.

History of Computers: Microchips and microprocessors
Computers used to fill up a room – and were less powerful than your mobile phone. Find out how they slimmed down. The circuits of the earliest electronic...

Research and development (R&D)
Technological breakthroughs start with research and development. Find out where it happens and how to get involved.

Web words glossary
The web is packed with jargon. Use this guide to understand some of the essentials.

How to build a computer
Computers are all around us, but most people have no idea how they work. Find out about the basics.

Great inventions: The webcam
As part of Brightside's Takeover Day, Steph Webb discovers why the webcam technology that we take for granted today owes a lot to the humble coffee pot.